Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 22

Week 22: 211.4
Last Week: 214.4
Progress: Down 3.0
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 58.8
Average Weekly Loss: 2.67

Back on track with a solid loss. Glad to see my weekend didn't lead me astray. I've been working extremely hard, doing the elliptical for at least 40 minutes daily since last Monday. Tomorrow I will take a needed day off!

Our meeting tonight focused on choices. Someone on the GOAD message board has a signature: "Make the better choice!" I took that to heart this week and tried to make the better choice each time I was making a choice this week food related or not. We also talked about writing a resume. I'm going to update mine and I'm going to work on a "Weight Loss Resume" as well. I'll be sharing it soon.

It feels so good to be where I'm at. Can't believe I'm almost to 210! That will be my goal for next week. 210 will also get me over 16 pounds for my at work challenge, which I am really kicking butt in by the way.


Skinny Guy said...

Fantastic weigh in! Glad the football game didn't do you in.

Kathy said...

I like reading your accounts of your meetings...kinda like having a mini meeting at home. Great work on every, exercise,'re one inspiring guy!
Your resume looks great and it seems a lot of people are looking to you for encouragement while taking this journey. Good for you!