Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Recap

Well, Old St. Nick passed on the fruit and went right for the cookies, but luckily he's the one person that should be fat. My kids really got a kick out the plate of fruit left behind. Unfortunately, it backfired as now they think that because Santa didn't eat the fruit, they don't need to either.

I had a great Christmas...starting on the weekend with an extended family Christmas and on Monday with my wife's family. I had to work till 3:00 on Christmas Eve, which saved me from being around Christmas cookies all day. My goal was not to have a cookie or any points for that matter until after dinner. I made it, snacking on carrots and peppers before dinner. After dinner, I did have a few cookies, but stayed within my points for the day. On Christmas Day, we went to my sister's house and the aftermath tells the whole story.

I received several new sweaters and tonight I went to look for a few more since I was waiting till Christmas before raiding the clearance racks. I'll be on the outlook for more bargains in the next few weeks as the clearance racks become stacked with winter clothes.

The one item that really struck me was a simple keychain that I received from one of my sister-in-laws. She had gone to visit another SIL in New York over Thanksgiving and picked up this keychain for me. I get excited over gifts that have a meaning and she was reminded of me when she saw this and got it for me even though she really didn't have to get me anything. I've hung it near my WW magnets and attached to my 10% keychain.


Kathy said...

I remember those piles of wrapping in years really love unwrapping presents, don't they? And the keychain was such a nifty gift.

Danica Patrick would be the racing equivalent of MW...and your wife would definitely not approve. We have been married 38 years and Hubby is pretty fact, he went out and found me Mikey's brother, Darrel's stand-up as well! That's love!

And congrats on doing so well over the holidays!

kborn said...

They should leave fruit for the Easter Bunny, too! :)

noelle said...

that looks like my living room on Christmas morning! So fun, huh?

and I love the keychain. can't wait for the new season to start. i get so inspired my BL!

Dee said...

I love the pics! I had to laugh -- I'm the kind of person that would take all those pics! :) I love your WI -- WHOO-HOO FOR YOU! Yah! Good going. D

Anonymous said...

That was nice of your SIL to pick up that keychain for you. I'm glad your Christmas went well.

SIL Jenny said...

Glad you liked the keychain. I'm honored that it made the blog! I am so proud of your accomplishment over this past year despite the many many temptations this family places before you. I am so inspired by your dedication and commitment. Baby Four will be lucky to have a dad like you! (as are the other 3) :)