Tuesday, January 8, 2008

At Work Weight Loss Challenge #2

Today, I joined the second at-work weight loss challenge for the new year. The first weight loss challenge was a big success. I won and took home almost $50.00.

It's too bad I wasn't thinking way ahead before I weighed in because if I was, I would have worn two sweaters, two pairs of socks, the heaviest shoes possible, etc. Instead, I took it look a man and drink 40oz. of water, stuffed tons of pencils and pens in my pockets, and ate about 10 minutes before being weighed. My starting weight for the at-work challenge 194lbs. I made a goal of 6lbs. in 8 weeks. Should be doable and if there are as many people in it as last time, it should make for a good little payday come March 4.

Thought I'd try to think writing a few handy tips down for a few weeks on Tuesdays. We'll see how long it lasts.

Tuesday Tip of the Day:
Use a measuring cup as a serving spoon. Helps you keep your portions under control. Sadly, I don't do this often enough.


Anonymous said...

Just be careful, folks are always gunning for the king of the hill. They just may want to take you down.

TB--Milwaukee said...

I don't care if I don't lose the most. As long as I reach my set goal, I win! Last time there were only 4 out of 32 that reached their goal.

kborn said...

Good luck! You win either way. :)
I think you should take a camping trip to New York this summer (in response to Claire's comment a few days ago)!! Northern NY is beautiful (so I hear). Good luck travelling with the kids. :)

workout mommy said...

my husband just started a challenge at his job and I could not believe that he DIDN'T do all those tricks before weighing in!!!

I like your measuring spoon idea and like you, I don't do this enough either!

Cherry Dolphin said...

So cool, my work is having a weight loss challenge too! Funny thing is, one of the guys got caught stuffing his jacket and pants pockets with stuff like his stapler and everything. It was so funny! They made him empty it out.

Good luck!