Thursday, January 24, 2008

Celebrating with Food.

I've been celebrating with food this week. Particularly, cookies! This week is "Activity Professionals Week" and since that is what I am, a Music Therapist, all the goodies are coming towards our department this week. Cookies, cakes, popcorn, other snacks and I am not doing well. I really haven't gone into my weekly points allowance at all yet, but those extra 4 points for maintenance could not have come during a better week. I will confess to eating, no stuffing 5 cookies down my throat this morning. On the WW message boards, my signature says, "Think you're eating when no one is looking, they'll see it later on your waist!" I haven't been living by my own words. I stuffed them down my throat when I knew no one was around. I've been doing the: "if a cookie is broke, it doesn't have any calories" method. Not a good way to start the maintenance phase.

Had to confess!

Now I feel better and will stay away from the cookies. Tomorrow, I'm away to a special conference for Activity Professionals, which will lend itself to a whole new set of temptations, mainly a continental breakfast.


Dinah Soar said...

Cookies are a huge weakness of is too hard to just eat one or two...and even 5 or 6 don't feel like Christmas a friend gave me some Crabtree and Evelyn shortbread cookies. They were so rich--bascially butter and flour with a little sugar---that I was able to limit myself to two of those at a time. I guess the high fat content made the difference.

workout mommy said...

at least you are brave enough to confess! Some of us still think those hidden cookies won't show up! I love that quote, I am going to say it out loud the next time I reach for the cookies!

IAAdmin said...

What kind of cookies were they?? Inquiring minds want to know..........:)

So, tomorrow at your continental breakfast, when you're just eating oatmeal, if someone asks, just tell them, "I just reached a weight loss goal of 80+lbs, and I'm sticking to it." You'll feel better, and boy, will they respect you for your accomplishment.

Kathy said...

Yeah, I made the remarkable discovery one morning that the peanut butter that sticks to the inside of an otherwise empty jar has no point value! It made me look forward to "empty jar day"!!! We've all been there. Just recognizing that you have been playing "hide and eat" is half the battle. I find my resolve is even greater to do well after I find myself engaging in that kind of "denial and delusion". We're never too old for games, are we?

The only time I find it handy to have been diagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes is when I can play the "I'm a diabetic" card to get people off my back about eating something. People respect that more than they do the idea that you're trying to maintain a weight loss!

TB--Milwaukee said...

They weren't even any of my favorite cookies. A few chocolate chip, and a few sugar. I definitely could have lived without them.

I've been looking for CRUNCH! and they did that much for me.

Getting Real said...

Sweets don't tempt me in stores or restaurants, but when they are offered freely they seem to be at their most powerful. Confession is good for the heart, hang in there.

noelle said...

yeah, I told you it was good that we get 6 weeks for maintenance! I'm still trying to figure out to stay OP and just MAINTAIN. It seems that I want to eat too much junk or empty calories (like banana bread or fried chicken!) instead of just an extra helping of good food.

Enjoy your conference!