Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who Really Cares?

Does it really matter if you have chrome or gold plated hardware, light grain or dark grain cabinets, laminate or hardwood floors, stainless steel or colored appliances, etc.? Does it really matter if you have a hamburger or a chicken breast for a main course, fries or veggies as a side dish, chips or popcorn as a snack, cheesecake or fruit as dessert, etc.? Well the answer of course is a big YES!

It does matter in the end. What we do affects the other decisions in more ways than we could imagine. We met with a designer to see what could be done with our kitchen. I tried to look past the price and really looks at the details. I don't want to choose features just to save money. I want to do it the RIGHT way! Just as in my weight loss journey. I'm not trying to cut corners by skimping on my exercise, cheating on my water, eating foods that are not quite the healthiest choices, etc. I want to do it the RIGHT way and I want this to last. So our kitchen will be a "lifetime" kitchen.

If I'm paying for a new kitchen, I want the best. If I'm working towards a new me, I want the best. Who really cares? The answer is ME! If no one else notices the beautiful oak cabinets or the fancy coat closet or the phone jack that was never there before, at least I will know and it will matter to me. In the coming years, if people no longer notice my weight loss, or comment on my energy level, or ask me for weight loss advice, at least I will know it still will mater to me.

Of course, my wife will have a big say within the decision process of planning our new kitchen, but in the end it will matter.


Kathy said...

Having been through a total rehab on our last house, I can attest to the wisdom of planning, planning, planning and including what will make you happy and comfortable. If you really want something but leave it out to save a couple of bucks, you will definitely regret it later...and retrofitting is so much harder and more costly!

Dinah Soar said...

I missed yesterday's post...Congratulations on reaching goal!!!! ((((((Way TO GO)))))))

Mary said...

Very interesting post. Its so weird how we will take care of our houses and choose the absolute best and not choose the best things for our bodies. I like that analogy. Good luck planning the new kitchen.