Thursday, January 10, 2008

"What's for Lunch?"

Our at-work weight loss challenge is under way. I've had so many people come up to me and ask for pointers as to how to lose weight. There's no magic pill, no vanishing formula, just plain hard work and determination. Of course, everyone is looking for an easy way out. They do not want to hear that I exercise 30 minutes every morning, talk a walk every lunch and another walk in the evening usually. Exercise has and will continue to be a big part of my success.

The last few days, I've noticed more people than normal asking me what I was having for lunch. Well, today I had an apple, a banana, a grapefruit, a can of Progresso Soup ((I know it's 2 points for the whole can and not 0, but that's still reasonable)), and a WW yogurt to go along with a packet of diet hot chocolate. The nurses and CNA's were stunned to see no meat. I did explain to them, the I have been changing my lunches up and have not been relying on meat so much. I eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches, some chicken salad made with canned chicken and low fat mayo, and lots of salads with loads of veggies. I have been quite full after lunch on most days, but have had an afternoon snack of 2-3 points at about 3:00pm.

My 6 year old, Elizabeth, surprised me earlier this week. She takes hot lunch 2 days a week and cold lunch 3 days a week, just because hot lunch costs so much and she eats so little. She asked me on Monday night if she could have a lunch full of "healthy" food. She said that she is tired of all of her friends asking for her food. Normally, I give her a peanut butter sandwich, a granola bar, fruit snacks and something else for a treat. She said that her friends always ask for the fruit snacks, so today she took a banana and I was surprised to find out that she actually ate it. I will be sending more fruit with her tomorrow as well.

I am so glad to see that all my healthy eating habits are having a positive impact on everyone around me: friends, family, co-workers, and people I hardly even know.


Coop said...

Congrats on setting the good example for your kids.

I know what you mean when people seem almost "depressed" when you tell them that weight loss takes consistency and hard work. That doesn't "sell" very well.

Good luck,

noelle said...

We all want that quick fix, but that doesn't address the issue of how we got overweight to begin with. Slim Fast made us lose weight, but WW has taught us how to stay thinner.

My kids would be asking for your kid's food too. We just don't have that kind of stuff around much anymore. Does she like dried fruits? Great alternative to fruit snacks.

Kathy said...

You are such a shining example...and now your kids are too! You've started a movement.

Dee said...

Good job at being a good example!! You go! D

Getting Real said...

Congrad on losing 75 pounds of unneed weight, its cool that you now are the office expert

TB--Milwaukee said...

then who ate that whole angel food cake I made?? I got 2 (rather small) pieces!!! Next time I am hiding it from all of you! -tw

kborn said...

You don't just give up the "good stuff" in your lunch, Liz--you TRADE UP! You need to teach her how to bargain. :) Or, keep giving her the fruit. My favorite was grapes, but you'll need to be careful w/those d/t choking and whatnot.