Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Week 39: Reached my Goal!

I entered my weight today into the Weight Watcher Weight Tracker and received this message:

All of us here at Weight Watchers congratulate you on reaching your ultimate weight goal. Well done. This is a fantastic achievement and we hope you'll take a moment to reflect on all that you've accomplished before doing something special to celebrate.

Now that you've reached this important milestone, you move onto the next phase—maintenance.

Maintenance means "keeping your weight steady" and you do this by sustaining your current activity level and eating a bit more food until you find the right balance.

Week 39: 189.4
Last Week: 192
Progress: Down 2.6
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 81.8
Average Weekly Loss: 2.1

I weighed in a day early and got to celebrate with a whole new group of Weight Watchers. What an awesome accomplishment! The leader of the Tuesday night group was so energetic and included me into the group like I had been there every week. She had a great personality and the meeting really was fun. I may have to attend another one of her meetings soon. Unfortunately, Tuesdays don't work well for me since I have choir practice. I skipped tonight to make it to a WW meeting this week. I am glad I did!

At our meeting tonight, we were asked to give tips on: How to gain weight! We got a good list of 20-30 things within 2 minutes. Eat dessert at every meal, fast food everyday, no exercise and my favorite and something I used to do: eat a big bag of Dorito's while watching "The Biggest Loser." The meeting topic was habits and how we learn habits. If we learn a habit, we will miss it. I would miss my daily exercise, fruits and veggies and definitely would miss planning my breakfast and lunch as to give me the most points for the evening.

The WW message states to reflect on my accomplishment before celebrating. I will do so and reflect on a great journey so far.


Anonymous said...


Glad to have you aboard the maintenance wagon! You should be very proud of yourself!

James said...

That's AWESOME!!!!! Way to go, Tom—You deserve to celebrate!

Looking Great in 2008 said...

What a great post! I can't wait until I join you in that elite club. Save a spot for me.

Jenny said...

Congrats Tom! That is awesome awesome awesome news!! You rock!

Kathy said...

When I did my post the other day about people who had reached maintenance, I thought I would be adding your name to that list soon! I am so happy for you...wish I could have been there to help you celebrate!

noelle said...

I was thinking of you this week and wondered if you had made it to goal or not.

It really is a big accomplishment. You should be proud! Now the fun of maintenance begins! They really do know what they are doing when they give you 6 weeks for that.

Getting Real said...

yeah!!! Way to go.

Anonymous said...

YOU DID IT! and we are proud of you.

Your blog is encouraging me.

Love, Nancy and Miloudi

IAAdmin said...

Congratulations............I'm so happy for you.

David said...

Hat's off. You accomplished a goal that is not easy. Keep up the good work.

melissa said...


TB--Milwaukee said...

Thanks for all the support!

Dee said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud of you! Sorry I missed popping by on Tuesday to say congrats -- wasn't a good day for me, but things are getting better! D

kborn said...

You rock! What a great almost-birthday present!! :) Keep it up!