Monday, February 11, 2008

21 Days to Make a Habit

There is a new challenge happening on the GOAD board called the "21 Day Challenge." It supposedly takes 21 days to form a habit. I've created some great habits since starting my weight loss journey. Today, I was thinking about all the great habits I have formed.

*Exercise routine involving walking an average of over 10,000 steps daily and using the elliptical at least 5 times weekly.

*Eating fruits and veggies at every meal including breakfast. Far cry from the pop tarts and sugary juice I used to feast on.

*Tracking everything I eat. It may not always be pretty, but no one is perfect and without tracking at all, I would be right back where I started.

I'm sure there are many other habits that have crept into my life and many more to still be discovered. Right now, I really can't think of another habit that I would like to form. I'm doing as much as I can and on the weight loss front, sometimes it seems to take up more of my time than a care to admit.

Check out our new blog to welcome our new family member. Still pretty new, but we welcomed a new addition already today: BB #4.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Those are some great habits you've got going!

I've heard the 21 day thing too--I'm not sure it's that simple, but I do agree that establishing a habit and getting through the initial phases makes it easier to stick to over time.

(And I'm impressed by your candy bar resistance in the previous post. You're right, there are better things to spend precious calories on than candy bars).

Kathy said...

21 days to form a new habit and only one "slip" to head you back the opposite direction! Been there too many times...but 21 days is a good start and allows you to see that what you thought was impossible is probably attainable and not as hard as you might have thought.

It is time consuming...but the rewards are worth it. And I always think when I read your blog that you're leading your young family in such a positive direction. You are making an impression on them every time you make the right food choice or head out for a walk. Even my husband and I are making an impression on our grown kids. They see that we are serious about making permanent change and are seeing the changes in us and they want some of that themselves...that feels so great!

Anonymous said...

I've heard the same thing with varying numbers but the same concept. I've put it to use this year when I established The Count on my blog, and it's been pretty successful for me.

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