Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fund Raisers

My daughter attends a parochial school that encourages each family to raise $150 through fund raisers every year. If you would rather not sell magazines, wrapping paper, candles, etc., you are able to "buy-out" as well. We have not sold the magazines, wrapping paper or candles much in the past choosing to opt for the food fund raisers. This year, we sold homemade pizzas, kringles, and now we are in the midst of selling candy bars. I decided to sell candy bars even though we had fulfilled our profit commitment. If we exceed, $200 profit, it starts working towards our tuition.

These candy bars are an easy sell. I took a case of 50 to work with me on Friday and came home with about 10 bars left. I didn't say a word, just placed them in the employee lounge and watched as people scarfed them up like they had never seen chocolate before. Tomorrow, I'll be bringing another box to work in hopes that it to will be gone by the end of the day.

In years past, I would have kept the candy bars home and eaten at least one a day until they were gone. So far, I have not eaten any of them and don't plan on it either. After looking at the nutrition information and finding that it was worth more than more normal lunch, I decided that lunches taste so much better.

I have not lied to anyone at work about these candy bars. The daycare employees asked how many I had eaten and I was brutally honest stating, "I'm selling them and not planning on eating any after looking at the label."

I get my fill of chocolate, my wife did end up making a pan of brownies this week and I ate many more than my fill. Daily, at work I sneak a Hershey Kiss or two when no one is looking. At my WW meeting this week, the leader mentioned that men tend to be the meat eaters and ladies tend to be the sweet eaters. I'm not completely sold on that fact, but I do know I've eaten my share of sweets!


Jessica said...

I don't know any women who are sweet eaters and personally I'm not really crazy for sweets. But I know few men who love sweet snack bars though! So she is a little bit wrong, well according my view :)

Anonymous said...

i will not eat a candy bar either... i rather make more brownies :) tw

Kathy said...

My husband is the one in our family who "craves" chocolate a couple of times a week. I keep chocolate sugar-free pudding for him. I find I do much better if I stick to fruit...the longings for sweets disappear when I do.

noelle said...

Good for you for not having any of the chocolates. Those are one of those things I would decide to split with the kiddos if I wanted to indulge. they make sure I only get my alloted amount!

Those kringles look yummy. We do a similar fundraiser in CO called Butter Braids. Yum-O! Though I've never actually bought one! lol