Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Lazy

Tuesday Tip of the Day:

More snow means, TB is in a foul mood!

Today, I did something I have never done before. Looking at the silverware drawer this morning, which my wife has not touched since I blogged about it, I could not find a spoon. Well, I couldn't find a teaspoon or a tablespoon. I did find several "baby" spoons. I decided to take one and use it to eat my yogurt. I never knew exactly how small those baby spoons were until it took me close to 15 minutes to finish eating a 6 oz. yogurt. So my tip today came from my laziness. I haven't done the dishes since Saturday and all the full-size spoons were dirty.

Use a "baby" spoon to go along with your smaller dishes. It will definitely force you to eat slower and you will realize that you are not as hungry as you thought. I finally did give up and found the "serving" spoon, which is huge. Used it for one last swipe of the yogurt container.

Did you ever notice yourself trying to scrape every last ounce of yogurt out of the container? I never ate much yogurt in the past, but now I realize how much I hate the "lips" on certain brands.


Kathy said...

I keep a baby spoon left over from when I fed the grandkids here for eating yummy foods like a half cup of ice cream...it makes it last longer. Mine has Peter Rabbit on the handle and all the grandkids fight over being the one who gets to use it when they are here. I also keep shrimp forks which are about a third of the size of regular ones for eating higher fat meats such as steak! The kids love them too!

It's all a "Mind Game" and I'm in it to win it!

Anonymous said...

i did get the dishes done last night.. I sat the kids down at the table with some markers and paper.. by the time i had put 3 dishes in the dishwasher.. Elizabeth came to show me her pretty fingernails she 'markered.." needless to say, alex's were 'markered' a pretty red and purple.. As i finished the dishes.. the girls went to get their pajamas on .. they came back in summer Pj's with shorts.. :)

Dee said...

HA, I love it! Good idea on using a baby spoon for the yogurt. My husband's family is from Europe and they always use these little spoons (a bit bigger than a baby spoon) for yogurts etc. -- and we have a container filled w/ those spoons and usually use them. I've never thought about them being smaller spoons, i.e. yogurts lasting longer...

I love the above comment. Sounds like my household quite a few years ago!

Oh and I'm CERTAIN that spring is coming! Be patient -- my DH is sick of winter too. At least we've had some sun lately (and snow, but who's counting?). D

noelle said...

My 2 littles like to use medicine spoons to eat their yogurts. That makes more of a mess than anything else!

Getting Real said...

Its odd how the stomach is slow to let the brain know its full, but eager to let it know its hungery

Anonymous said...

I can't stand some of those odd shaped containers that force you into contortions to get all the contents out!

Good idea with the spoon.

Looking Great in 2008 said...

Love the spoon idea. I am going to start doing it. I stopped buying a certain brand yogurt because of the "lip". I have started eating WW yogurt and found Cherry Cheesecake the other day and it is my new fav.

I included you in my most recent post. Check it out! :)