Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Happy Valentine's Day, Honey!"

My wife decided to do something special for me for Valentine's Day. She did the dishes and "organized" the silverware drawer.

This Week: 192.2
Last Week: 189
Progress: UP 2.2
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 79

I still have not made it to my regular Wednesday meeting since reaching my goal. It's been a strange few weeks as I went on different nights. This week, I thought I'd make it till my wife called midday yesterday to tell me she had a late meeting. Unfortunately, after hearing the news I was not weighing in, I decided to blow the week. Went on a cookie spree yesterday afternoon and a total "sweet day" today. After all, it is Valentine's Day. I'm not sure when Valentine's Day became such a sweet feast, but my kids came home with more candy and goodies than they did for Halloween.

Didn't stay for the meeting tonight as it was Valentine's Day and I wanted to eat supper with the family. It's the first meeting since the first month I was in WW that I have missed. The leader from Thursdays knew exactly who I was, as she had heard about the latest "Man to Apply." I will be starting training for WW on Saturday. This week I'll buckle down once again. I'm not worried about the 2 pound fluctuation as yesterday, I saw the lowest weight that I've seen yet on my home scale. I know it came from eating all my points by noon today. Not proud of that fact, but I couldn't say no to the sweets today.


workout mommy said...

I too fell victim to the Valentine's day candy! (sigh) Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and now there is no candy left!!!

Kathy said...

Hey! Good decision to train with WW...they need great male leaders. Good luck!

noelle said... that the ORGANIZED picture? Cuz I SUCK at organization but even my drawer looks better than that!

Glad you're not freaked by a 2.2 gain. That happens when we pig out on candy! I didn't even make my kids treats since they already had so much.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Look at my math, I actually gained 3.2! Duh! Freakin' a little.

Anonymous said...

i am so happy!!! when i dumped out that dirty silverware organizer i announced to my daughter.. have daddy blog about this!!! and he did!! pretty soon there wont even be a drawer for the silverware. what will happen then? TW