Friday, April 18, 2008

"The Journey Begins with One Step"

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"The Journey Begins with One Step"

Walking has been a huge part of my weight loss journey. Looking back at this winter, I have missed my daily walks. This week, my 3 yr. old asked to go for a walk. I obliged and am so glad that I did. I now remember why I enjoy walking so much. Even when I push the double-stroller with two kids coming with me to search for bunnies or count puppies, it is a relaxing time that I don't have during other parts of the day. I often think about how I could burn so many more calories by riding the elliptical, but when I ride the elliptical, I am always watching the display to see how close to "DONE" I am. When I walk, there is no "DONE." I can walk as far as I want, where ever I want. I am so grateful for the Springtime and happy to be walking once again.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Hmm...I should go for a walk with my wife tomorrow!

noelle said...

I'm sitting here debating on going out for a walk this morning. I think I need to do it!

Kathy said...

There's nothing better than being outside in pretty spring weather after a long winter! And you guys have had the longest winter ever!
I think I'd take your snow over our earthquakes though! We've just had another aftershock during the night...crazy!

I'm doing my ONE PERFECT DAY today. Are you and your chocolate joining me?