Friday, May 30, 2008

Another 6 Word Memoir

Lisa at Iowa Avenue tagged me for a meme. I know I've done this before 6 word memoir.

What are the 6 words I live by? Well, here's another deep thought that may be better than Homer Simpson eating a donut.

Always live life in the moment.

1. Making the better choice food wise is not always possible. Do the best that you can do and think about the better choice.

2. Don't deprive yourself. If you want a slice of cheesecake, eat a slice, just not the whole cake. If you deprive yourself the slice, more than likely you'll compensate by eating something else and probably go back and eat the slice of cheesecake in the long run anyway.

3. Move more. Don't sit and think of all the different ways you could be or should be exercising, get up and do it. There is always time even if you are super busy.

4. Make yourself important. Our lives are stretched in many different directions: family, work, friends, etc. and we seldom take time to take care of ourselves. This is especially important when you have children. Side note: I often reprimand my wife for getting her plate ready before she serves the kids. I should just step back and be glad that she is taking care of herself as she needs it just as much if not more than the kiddos.

5. There is always tomorrow. Don't beat yourself up for not making the best choices. If you realize what you did, you can do better next time. Learning from experience is important too.

6. Nobody's perfect. Enough said.


Andrew is getting fit said...

I'm with you on all of those except with number 4 I reprimand my wife for not sorting her own food out until everyone else is sorted!

noelle said...

I'm like Andrew's wife...except I often don't even make a plate, just graze along and pick at the kid's stuff. Tend to eat too much that way, though too!

kborn said...

Good luck tomorrow! Call me with the news!

LisaN said...

Thanks for responding to the meme, and I love all of your recommendations, however, when my children were small, I often did as neolle did, grazing the leftovers my children had. And I agree, I did tend to eat too much that way..............:)

Anonymous said...
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