Thursday, July 10, 2008


A new study that was discussed at our Weight Watcher meeting this week discusses Journaling. To wrap it up, it states that people that journal/track what they eat without trying to diet consciously lose twice as much weight as those people that do not write anything down. Duh! It's all about the journal. I seldom write anything down anymore, but I know exactly how many points my breakfast and lunch have daily, so really it's only my dinner that I have to worry about. I do count my points out throughout the day and if I miss something, I don't sweat it anymore as I'm not trying to lose weight anymore.

There are so many different ways to journal. Writing down everything you eat, keeping track of how many fruits and veggies you eat, tracking your water intake, journaling about your day, keeping a spreadsheet with daily weights, etc. Honestly, I don't want to have to do any of it for the long haul. I definitely consider blogging part of journaling/tracking as it keeps me accountable to myself and those that find it somewhat interesting to read about others struggles. How instrumental do you think journaling has been to your weightloss journey? I believe that when I was losing consistently, I would not have lost nearly as much or nearly as fast without journaling. I kept track of everything...all my food/points, water, exercise/walking, daily weights, salt intake, etc. Now the only thing I still write down are my daily step totals. Really not necessary anymore, but I do try to average 12,500 steps a day and to see my monthly average hit that mark is motivating.

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MizFit said...

when I was trying to lose weight journaling didnt work for me.

it made this TOTALLY NONOBSESSIVE woman thisclose to obsessing.

I like your notion of blog as journal far better than my old school notebook notion!

new*me said...

I agree that the blogging is a great alternative to journaling. I wrote down everything I ate for about 2 wks and then lost interest in that. I do keep track of water. I have a gallon on the counter and it must be gone by the time I go to bed ;)

I like what the docs who wrote "You on a Diet" suggested...automating your eating....have basically the same thing for breakfast and lunch daily and that way you know exactly what you are having for those two meals and don't have to think about it or plan it out...thus helping you stay on course. Most days I do this and it really does make things easier for me.

Kate said...

I think journaling helped immensely in my weight loss. Although I never did track salt, daily weights, etc. Just the food and water, activity. But like yourself, it's almost become moot now, as I know how many points I'm eating in just about everything, except dinner. But I'm still journaling, as long as I'm trying to lose, and for a bit while trying to maintain, then maybe I can think about a journal free life.

Dinah Soar said...

Some people it helps, others not. It depends on why and how you are journaling.

Initially, writing down what you eat helps you see how much you are actually eating. Most of us think we don't eat much until we see it in black and white.

But thinking in black and white when it comes to eating and the rigidity of most diets, in the long term, has a rebound negative effect.

I think journaling as a method to examine the "why" of our eating behavior is more beneficial. Most of us with excess weight have lost our innate ability to sense hunger, eat and stop when our stomach is physiologically full. We eat past that for myriad tastes good, eating makes me feel good, I'm bored....whatever.

Journaling as a way to discover the "why" of our excesses is a benefit--and blogging is as good a way as any to journal.