Tuesday, July 8, 2008


“It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.”
Abraham Lincoln

Another Meme...I've been tagged by Andrew Here are the rules:

If tagged, write up a short article detailing your biggest health/fitness vice(s).
Link back to whoever tagged you from somewhere within your article.
Tag 4-6 more people by linking to them at the end of your article (and be sure to let them know that they’ve been tagged). I don't get into the whole "tag" thing, since I never really liked the game as a kid (too much running), so you're welcome to try.

I really don't have a health/fitness vice. I biggest vice period would be going out and getting what I want right away. This happened when I had an inkling for an elliptical. I didn't want to save up for it, didn't want to shop around, just wanted to get it. I had found one that I liked and I bought it. I've done this with other things as well including the "Glider" that sits idol in my parents basement. If I want a piece of equipment, I'm going to get it. I have held off so far on free weights since that's something I'm not too excited to start, but when I get the urge, I'm sure I'll have a full blown weight gym in my kid's bedroom;)

Food vices--I have many!! My food vices include anything crunchy, anything chocolaty, really anything sweet. I tend to watch myself much more when I eat something sweet meaning that I have better portion control during meals.

I went to a Weight Watcher meeting as a member tonight. It's the first time since April that I have actually sat through a meeting. Unfortunately, many of my "Back-row" buddies have not been coming and they were not there once again tonight. There are many interesting characters at the meeting however. I weighed in at my lowest, 185. I haven't changed anything that I've been doing, watched a little closer than last month due to my going over goal by a pound last month.


MizFit said...

mine? movie popcorn.

crunchy salty and, if I can snag some of my husbands m&ms, SWEET

Sigh :)


new*me said...

I love tag ;) Think I'll do this over on my blog. Wow--185!! You must feel great knowing that you are maintaining so well. My two aunts in California both work at WW and lost weight over 20yrs ago. They say that working there is essential to keeping them on track. I have never done WW but at some point, may try if I have trouble sticking to plan.

Kate said...

185, that's awesome TB, congrats!

per your comment on my blog, it's definately a challenge staying off the scale, a big challenge, but it's something that I know I need to do, for my own mental sanity lol