Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In the Moment

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present.
~Babatunde Olatunji

I am a procrastinator. I love to say, "It can wait till tomorrow!" I have no idea how I came to lose over 80 pounds, but I have a feeling that it was not by saying that. Living in the moment and having a goal in mind is a great motivator. I was reminded of goals by something my hometown Brewers did this week. Our town is a "buzz" with playoff and World Series talk around the water cooler all of a sudden after the acquistion of CC Sabathia. This is not a move that was done for tomorrow, it was done for today.

CC Sabathia is the Brewers player for today.

In weightloss, we tend to focus on the next 5 pounds, the next 10%, 50 pounds, ultimate goal, etc. Seldom do we focus on today and our accomplishments. Today, I am living in the moment as I am so excited that my beloved Brewers have actually taken a step towards "today." What a present! Today, I am recognizing the awesome achievements of all my blogging buddies and message board friends who have lived for today. GO BREWERS GO!!

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Kathy said...

There's just something about having a team to cheer for, isn't there? Even when they don't often win...or even come in in the top 10...or 20!!! Oh, enough about me and M-Dub! GO BREWERS!

paul said...

I know I tend to take my accomplishments for granted. It's always about what's next.

I hope the move works out for the Brewers.

MizFit said...

thanks for swinging by MizFit yesterday!

youre right. my post wasnt about working out with the kids/toddlers as when I do that it's FAR MORE about the giggling and far LESS about any kinda exercise routine.

the Yo Gabba Dance Party is my workout most days with kids screaming at my feet :)


Lanceman said...

Go Brewers - excitement is in the air!

And good point about looking at today's accomplishments - it's only with these daily successes that we reach our bigger goals.

Melissa said...

did you know i went to the Brewers game last night?!!! GO BREWERS!

Kate said...

CC was a great acquisition for you guys! Glad to see he threw decent and was able to pull out a win his first round out!

Ahh and yes, thanks for reminders of looking at all we have accomplished for today!So very important.

new*me said...

So true! We only have today! Let's make the most of each little precious moment ;)

TB--Milwaukee said...

Kathy~too bad there's no way of trading in NASCAR. Not sure how that would happen...trade crew chiefs?

Lanceman~welcome to the blog, thanks for checking me out

Melissa~how does my sister who lives an hour away get tickets to the Brewer Game and not invite her favorite brother ;)

Kathy said...

There's always trading allegiance for a driver who isn't at the top for one who is, and my head tells me that is the smart thing to do, but my heart just won't go there! Besides, when you cheer for the underdog, you REALLY have something to cheer when they win! Going with the sure winners is for sissies!!!