Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You Look Different?

Why is it that we are so worried about hurting someone's feelings when mentioning weight? Throughout my year weight loss, I seldom received any comments from people about the way I looked. The people who knew I was losing weight had no problem dishing out compliments. I still have several people mention it on a daily basis now that I am at a healthy weight. Our appearance is a huge part of who we are. I have changed so much over this past year and I do understand why people do not mention it. They don't want to hurt your feelings if you really are not losing weight. They don't want to find out that it's because of an illness and then they would look uninformed about the situation. If you're a woman, it's even more sensative. I would never dream of asking a woman if she were pregnant. It would have to take me actually seeing a baby and then with my luck, I would still be wrong by calling out there age, like "you're too young to be a grandma." A person's weight and age are probably the most private parts of our lives even though it is easy enough to make assumptions on both subjects.

So why is it that I received so many stares and glances and plain strange looks at work today? Why was it so easy for so many people to mention my appearance today? I did something today that I have not done in a long time. In fact, I was probably a normal weight the last time I did this at a work place. I honestly could not believe all the comments and questions I received today. And why was it?

Today, I wore my glasses to work.

Why is it so easy to point out a change such as this, but to discuss our weight is such a sensative situation? Tomorrow, I think I'll put my fat suit on and see if anyone comments!


paul said...
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Kathy said...

You've lost so much that it has to be noticeable to anyone who ever knew you...there's no doubt about that. Maybe they:
1. Are jealous.
2. Don't want to embarrass you.
3. Are afraid you'll be one of those people who will never shut up about it once asked.
4. Think they've hired your thinner younger brother to replace you.
5. Are speechless that anyone has actually stuck with WW long enough to reach goal and stay there!

noelle said...


it really is a shame more people can't cheer each other on in the process, huh?

paul said...

Nuked my comment because it sounded dumb. There was a point somewhere in what I wrote, but good luck finding it!

Perhaps I'll just say, "what Kathy said." :-)

spunkysuzi said...

I was once told that no said anything because they didn't want to jinx me in case i ended up gaining it back????? To which i said "whatever" :_)

new*me said...

I think the majority of them are jealous or just so out of touch that they think any comment would offend. Unless someone has had a weight problem, it really is hard for them to relate to those of us who have struggled or are still struggling. One of my favorite songs is Bonnie Raitts "Something to Talk About" matter what, people are gonna talk......mostly when we aren't around to hear though! Let them talk :) If all they have is comments about people's glasses or weight, it must be a sad life for them. I'll quit rambling now and go to bed or people might talk about the bags under my eyes tomorrow.....she must be drinking!!

kborn said...

That's awesome. When preggo, my eyesight changed and my contacts were no longer workings, so I switched to glasses. There were a few days I wore my contacts, and on those days everyone thought I looked preggo and that I got a hair cut....go figure!

Andrew is getting fit said...

I think people are terrified of someone saying 'you think I was fat?' even though it may be true as people are very sensitive about their weights.

Kate said...

I guess the thing that drives me most nuts is that when people do ask if I've lost weight, it's always followed with "are you sick? are you ok"....and I'm just baffled. I was never "fat" by any standards, but apparently I had 25lbs to lose somewhere, so why did I have to be sick to want to lose it? it's all funny to me.

divamentors said...

TB I totally enjoyed the info on your blog this morning... you know it's funny how you go out on the inet in the morning looking for something and never quite know where you're going to land! :-)
Congratulations! On the new baby AND all the weight loss!
You've got a huge resource of really great info here!

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