Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Tag

Ms. Spunky decided to tag all know my fondness of Meme's, but I hate tag!

5 Things in your bag?:

1. #2 Diapers
2. #3 Diapers
3. Huggies wipes
4. Bottles and liners
5. pacifier
Can you guess what kind of bag I carry?

5 Things in your bedroom:

1. Serta Big Queen Size Extra Deep Bed
2. Comfy old recliner from Peachy
3. Books for bedtime: (Thanks Skinny Guy!)
4. Clock radio alarm set for 5:25...also one set for 6:20. That's the one that usually wins
5. Changing Pad on top of my dresser

5 Things I have always wanted:

1. To have fun at work (Who else gets to sing, play games, go out on field trips to the zoo, fair, ball game, shopping, etc.)
2. A loving family
3. Enough money to live happily
4. A vacation without kids
5. At least an hour to my self daily

5 Things I'm really into:

1. Baseball--GO BREWERS!!
2. Music--Singing, not so much listening to it.
3. My New Kitchen
4. A Healthy Lifestyle
5. Nice Weather

Not tagging 5 people, but feel free to tag along if you'd like.

Tomorrow is the end of my "GREEN" contest.

Update on my forgetfulness: I've been beating myself up over this all week, so I dropped in on the Thursday night (that I was supposed to be at last week) and brought everyone roses. Not just the receptionist that covered my behind last week, but EVERYONE! Members, leader, receptionist, Quizno employees (lots of members stop there after they weigh in), plus many others. I still feel horrible, but my WW buddies have forgiven me without too much humiliation.


spunkysuzi said...

Thanks for "playing" along!

new*me said...

Bringing everyone roses was so sweet of you! I bet that put a smile on all their faces :) I'll play along with the tag

5 Things in your bag?:

1. Pampers Cruisers #3 for the twins
2. Pampers Swipers wipes
3. change of clothes for all three girls...just in case
4. sippy cups and a quick kiddie snack
5. lip gloss for mommy

5 Things in your bedroom:

1. King size bed that I still manage to only get the far right side of although now hubby is working nights so I can roll if I want to but still end up on the right edge ;)
2. Lazy boy recliner from in-laws
3. Right now next to bed on night stand "Flip the Switch" and a couple of Dr. Seuss books
4. Baby monitor....twins room is all the way on the other side of the house
5. weighted exercise balls on top of tv entertainment center for my new morning workout Walk Away the Pounds

5 Things I have always wanted:

1. A man who loves me even when I feel frumpy and grumpy
2. Beautiful children with loads of drooly kisses for me
3. A large home out in the country...still working on that.....our house is pretty small and in town
4. Enough money to eliminate the monthly stress from bills and enough to give away to those in need....still wishing
5. To take a cruise somewhere exotic ....someday

5 Things I'm really into:

1. Being a domestic goddess.....I love to cook and clean....slightly OCD about order in the home
2. My kids
3. to to dream that I can sing like Faith Hill :)
4. Making this a better world for future generations
5. God......thanking him everyday for everything he has blessed me with

Anonymous said...

I miss that comfy old recliner sometimes because it reminds me of home and family. But I'm so glad it is getting such great use with rocking all those babies!!!


Kathy said...

I'm glad I scanned the Comments because now I know Peachy is a person and not a furniture store like Ikea!

I HATE tagging other people seems so intrusive!

Anonymous said...

Hate the potty training

LOVE the emptiness of my diaper bag!



Kate said...

love your "bag" very nice ;)

Anonymous said...

When does my hour a day to myself happen???????? TW

when are we going to Vegas??

Anonymous said...

did you cut those roses from the garden??

Melissa said...

How sweet to bring everyone roses! :-)

I decided to play along with the tag game. Mine is up on my blog: