Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are You a "Joelle"?

I love watching the Biggest Loser as it does give great tips either with the unrealistic and seemingly unhealthy way to lose weight. Last night, trainer Bob really laid into Joelle. Last week, Joelle's partner Carla agreed to go home for a month while Joelle fought to stay at the ranch. It seemed to be such an unselfish act by Carla, giving her friend the opportunity to stay and workout with trainers and eat properly and be under constant supervision from doctors, etc. What an awesome opportunity!!

Joelle had the opportunity of a lifetime to make her friend proud, lose weight for herself and improve her way of life. What did she do? She did as little as possible. A lost opportunity? Maybe not as somehow Joelle managed to do enough to stay in the game.

It is so hard to give 100% all the time. Sometimes I do find myself doing enough to "just get by." Many of the contestants on the show noticed her half hearted effort and her plotting to vote her off. After seeing the last chance workout, I thought about myself. Would I be a "Joelle"? Giving as much of myself as I need to, or would I give it my all and then more! I would hope that I would go for the gusto, but only when someone like Bob was right in my face.

I am rooting for Joelle this next week. I'm hoping she won't leave her partner down as it seems Carla is working her tail off at home. An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime.


Kate said...

You know, when it came to my health and my weight loss, there were plenty of days where I just did enough to get by, and usually, I find in the long run, it spirals out of control. But no one can give 100% 100% of the time, we all have times we don't feel motivated, just the times we are motivated have to outnumber the ones we aren't!

Kathy said...

I hope I would give it every bit I had, but it's hard to know without being in her shoes!

Matt Keeling said...

I saw that too and had similar thoughts. I think have a feeling that we will find out in the weeks to come that she has serious issues regarding failure. They started to touch on some of that but I think we will see it more in the coming weeks.

new*me said...

great point!

This is all of our once in a lifetimes ;) Let's give it all we got so we can stay in this life healthy and happy!

MizFit said...

*plugs fingers in ears*

I should know better than to ever Tivo BL.
I have no self control :)