Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In a Groove

My 3 yr. old little boy never showed any interest in being potty trained before last week. Last week, we took a trip to the store and found some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Mandy undies on clearance. This was really all it took to kick him in gear. Since last Wednesday when we made this amazing purchase, he has had two potty accidents and a few messy ones, but really has gone to the bathroom without even any prodding or reminding from Daddy. I have asked a few times when I've noticed him holding himself, but he has made it with plenty of time to spare. What happened? How does this all of a sudden kick in?

Wouldn't it be nice if weight loss were so easy? One day, you just get it. I don't what to be fat anymore, I'm going to lose it!! I'm learning a lot from my little ones at home. I'm giving lots of positive reinforcements through high-fives, telling everyone of his success, giving him gumballs when he asks, etc.

When I was losing weight, I found so much motivation in the five pound stars handed out at WW. I longed for the attention of a job well done, I wanted to shout out to everyone how awesome I felt, I wished someone would give me gumballs...well, not really.

A buddy is a great motivator and it seems that my little guy has a potty buddy in Daddy. Last night, I worked a meeting in which a current member brought in a friend to join. What a great gift for both of them. A weight loss buddy can help motivate, keep you honest and tell you the truth when you need a little kick!

I'm looking forward to more learning at home from my little buddy.


Kate said...

I found it to be a great kickstart to losing weight to have someone doing it with me, at the time I had a roommate and she did WW's with me, and it was great having someone to go through the trials and tribulations of weight loss with, but I will admit as time wore on, I found more companionship from the bloggers!

noelle said...

I don't think I realized you have a 3 yo. My Jack E was 3 in October. His motivation for potty training? Peeing outside! Great fun at parties, lemme tell ya!

I agree that having a buddy is great. Even this far along in the journey, it helps me to be accountable and to remember that a bad choice is not the end of it. I just was posting a comment on a blog where the woman is beginning her journey and had a slight gain. Telling her that she hasn't gained it all back and will be back on track soon was a great reminder to myself.

new*me said...

my buddy was going to be my sis.......till she found out she was expecting!

We are working on potty training the twins (almost 29 months)....

A trip to Walmart for some really cool big girl undies is on our list on things to do this coming weekend. I am looking forward to no money going out on diapers anymore ;)....the first time in over 7 yrs!

Anonymous said...

I think you should send an email to "Playhouse Disney" and tell them what a good influence they have been on Alex and potty training!! You never know what will motivate those little ones!


MizFit said...

GREAT THOUGHT PROCESS as we just finished the potty training up in herre too.
(not at night. I think she will be in nightdiapers until prom :))

too bad we cant use dumdum lollipops for the YOU SHED A POUND treat---but her other fave (rub on tattoos) would work well :)