Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Much Difference a Half-Hour Makes

Yesterday, I was thinking of all the things that can get done in a half-hour. Now, I if would have just done all the things I was thinking of in the first place...well, then I'd have nothing to write about.

What can you do in a half-hour? I usually only take a half-hour to make supper. If it takes any longer than that, it's not worth it to me. I usually take less than a half-hour to get ready in the morning. More than that and it must be a weekend. I usually can exercise in a half-hour as long as everything goes right, no crying, kicking screaming tantrums, etc. I can take an awesome walk in a half-hour. I can watch most of my favorite shows in a half-hour. I can clean the dishes up in half-hour. I can get most of the laundry, excluding the socks (never touch the socks), folded and put away.

I can accomplish so much to better myself in a half-hour. Now, if I wasn't thinking about this...I wouldn't have been a half-hour late for the 9 month check-up appointment yesterday. So, today it's off to the doctor once again to try to be on time ;)


Kathy said...

I had a 5-minute trick that I used when my kids were little and I worked full time. I would go to each room in the house and set a timer for 5 minutes and get done all that I could in that amount of time and then leave. It was amazing how much I get done and it kept my head above water many times!

MizFit said...

great point, TB and great COMMENT Kathy.

I get so scattered some days when Im rolling with the Toddler it feels NOTHING gets finished.

no matter the amount of time I have.

kborn said...

ha ha! if i showed up 30 minutes late for q's appointments, i'd still have a 60-75% chance to wait another 30 minutes yet! they're not so great with keeping on time ... as the sick waiting room is always packed with sick kids and well-child room is usually packed with newborns!! silly people having babies making my appt bumped if it's easier to control a toddler than a 3 month old!

and during that time i think of what i could've been doing with my time instead of watching nick-kids with q in the waiting room. (really the only tv time she ever gets!)