Monday, March 9, 2009

The Price of Convenience

I was thinking over the weekend about the Subway deal, you know the jingle: 5, 5, 5 dollar foot-long!" Whoever created that campaign did not get paid enough!! A foot-long costs $5 while the 6-inch remains at the regular price. My usual, which sadly the Subway person knows me and usually gets out the three subs I normally buy, is about $3.69. My problem comes when I know I should be getting the six-inch, but the foot-long is way cheaper...but is it?

How much are you willing to pay for convenience? There are several things that I used to buy in bulk that I would not even dream about touching now. Chips and crackers usually enter the house in individual packs now, cookies the same. But there are also things that have made it into the house that hadn't in the past like the quart container of fat-free yogurt and the big packs of Craisins (I know they're not the best choice, but much better than before).

This past week, I splurged by picking up a bulk container of almonds. I received an ounce tin before Christmas and am trying to limit myself to one tin per day.

Unfortunately, I have a hard time passing up a deal, so my 6-inch sub has turned into a foot-long for the time being and I know the scale shows it. How do you pass up a deal?


Lost Half of Me said...

Hubby and I have gotten into the habit of choosing a sub we both enjoy and splitting it. That way we take advantage of the "bargain" for the foot long but don't regret it when hopping on the scale. If you don't have someone to split it with, you could always go ahead and buy the footlong but save half for your lunch the next day.

Kathy said...

I guess the best answer is to get the foot long, eat half now and save the second for lunch tomorrow.
Yep, we do the spring forward and fall back in Indy. My grandkids certainly were not ready for bed at 8 last night!

d.fine09 said...

We get the foot long and split it too. We usually take it home and have water or crystal light with some pretzels or fruit.

The convenience is not worth the price. If I have something that I know if going to tempt me, I usually pack it up into small bags with the help of my scale right away.

Tony said...

I don't lol.

I made a bad mistake this week and bought some junk food in bulk. Ice cream was on sale. Won't be doing that again lol.

Doug said...

Buying a footlong, I can save half of it. Most of the time. Enough to make it worth getting half of.

Buying any kind of junk food, ie chips, skittles, gummi bears (mmm), m&ms, even wheat thins, and I will eat the whole box in one sitting.

That's why I just steal it from other people, because I figure I'm less willing to eat someone else's whole bag of candy than I am to eat my own whole bag of candy.

new*me said...

cut it in half and save the rest for tomorrow :).......

I know.......the whole will power game :)

MizFit said...

for me I either only eat the innards (sometimes they wil give me a lettuce bun :)) or I only eat the top half of the bun.

and give the rest to the birds and enjoy watching them enjoy!