Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Construction Season

This week has been horrible for road construction around these parts. I don't drive much, but every morning I'm in charge of getting the girls safely to school. My regular route is under construction and I hard to find a new way. Well, after about four attempts at different ways, I found an alley to drive through. Might not have been the most appropriate course to take, but we got to school on time.

This morning, the main street that I travel had only one way traffic. Luckily, it happened to be the way I was traveling, but on the way home I had to find a different route once again.

And of course, the next block from ours is undergoing a huge construction project. It has made for a great walk at least twice a day as the "boyz" love to watch the big trucks.

Proceeding with caution is the name of the game during this construction season. I'm doing fine with my journey so far, but would hate to find out that I'm going the wrong way!

Highs in the 80's today in Milwaukee and now we're off to the racetrack to watch Lightning McQueen...and I thought all the Indy Cars were in Indy this week, who knew??


Miz said...

saw your tweet about wearing shorts yesterday-----Id totally forgotten how late spring can come to places NOT sweltering TX!

Oh Sew Good said...

Our lives can be a lot like that too, huh? Wouldn't it be awesome if they distributed flyers/maps to alternative routes before they started the construction?