Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Audition

I've been in a community choir for 10 years, directed by the same director that is in charge of the All-City Children's Choir. Yesterday, I coerced my 3rd grade daughter to go audition for the choir. Not only did she stress that she did NOT want to do this, she literally came kicking and screaming all the way to the car. Once we got to the school, it was a whole different story. Of course, she was nervous and scared and she had never done anything like this before. But by the end of the 5-10 minute audition, she was singing out loud and strong. On the way home I think I even caught her smiling.

Her audition consisted of three separate criteria: singing up the scale/singing down the scale (range), matching pitches, and the ultimate...sing a song of your choice. Wouldn't it be awful if we had to audition to lose weight? What would it entail? Eating as many asparagus spears as possible, staking Twinkies, walking up a flight of stairs?

My daughter will fit in either the soprano or alto section, she does know a few kids in the choir as it turns out and will enjoy it, I'm sure. So what sections are there in the weight loss "choir?" Fat, fatter, most festively fat??


Kristin Pizzi said...

Ha! Funny analogy..

cmoursler said...

lmao...staking twinkies...preferably with asparagus spears. (I do put garlic powder on mine). I believe we fatties have labeled our levels according the the bmi scale...i was from M.O. City...I have since moved so S.O city....going to move to obese city then overweights ville and then on to normalton via maintenance way. Glad your daughter likes her choir.

kborn said...

yay Liz! good to see that she's got daddy's voice. :)