Friday, September 11, 2009

Time Keeps Ticking

My wife was home with our new baby, Elizabeth. Born August 19, she was less than a month old. I was working at the same nursing home that I have now returned to after a few years away. Getting into the car that morning, I remember running the daily list down in my head...get to work, sit through a LONG day of planning for the following month, get in the car, drive to school, attend class, quick go home for a bite to eat, then off to choir. It was going to be a jam packed day.

I was actually in pretty good shape since I had attended 2 sessions of 10 week at-work WW meetings. I had lost about 35 pounds and was feeling great. What happened during these 8 years? Well, I gained the 35 pounds back, plus another 20. I celebrated having 3 more children. Changed jobs and careers a few times. Finished going to school for Music Therapy and practiced MT for a few years. Decided it was time to do something.

My 8 year old, will be the last college freshman class to be born before September 11th. Hopefully, she won't remember me as that overweight, out of shape Daddy who couldn't go up a flight of stairs without breathing heavily and grunting all the way up. She will know how to eat healthy and the importance of exercise.

That day, 8 years ago, was the first time baby Elizabeth was brought to work with me. So much happened before I got to work, that my whole day was changed. Work was laid back, school and choir was canceled and I went home early to spend the day with my new family.


*fitcetera* said...

Sometimes it still seems that it was impossible that it even happened.
Perhaps because it was so devastating and hard to imagine anyone could be that evil.

I was at my favorite park walking enjoying a beautiful, sunny morning.

Melissa said...

Wow, that's kind of amazing to realize we're not that far away from college-aged kids being born post-9/11!

Oh Sew Good said...

Oh and how I remember how folks vowed to live their lives differently. I wonder what ever became of that?