Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Television

It is that time of the year when all the networks are rolling out their fall schedules. We have about 20 shows set to record on our DVR. Really?? We watch 20 shows each week?? This was very evident last night as I plotted my butt on the couch at 7:00 and didn't get up till after 10:30. Survivor, Fringe, Jay Leno's monologue plus, Project Runway minus commercials and the Models of the Runway. My goodness, I need to get a grip on this TV watching before I'm sitting idle in TV land 4 hours EVERY night. The shows last night did not disappoint, but why didn't I hop on the elliptical at least for part of the time? This getting up at 4:30 to exercise is wearing on my cardio routine.

Weekend of driving ahead. We are off the Black River Falls for a family birthday. It's a good 3 hour drive there and back, so I will definitely need a good plan for the day. Wake up early to exercise. I'll be riding the elliptical as it is a rest day for P90X. Make the best choices I can at the party limiting myself to one plate full. Eat breakfast and drink enough, but not too much that I'll have to stop 5 times along the way.


Ron said...

Wow, although my tv may be on alot, I doubt that I watch and hour or two a week.... but I spend way to much time with the computer and internet!

Kathy said...

No TV while on vacation but I spend a lot of time with it on while I'm home...usually multi-tasking with it in the background. It is easy to get into the TV habit!

Oh Sew Good said...

I confess. I Tivo Biggest Loser and watch it sans commercials. :)