Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's a Hero!!

"There are Heroes in this room!!!"

My favorite Bob Harper quote from the new season of Biggest Loser. What a bunch of stories behind the weight this season. I DVR'd it last night and also taped it just in case I decided to ride the elliptical and watch, but I've been wiped after my P90X workouts and have only ridden it a few times this week. Watching it put the 3 yr. old to sleep which was a plus, but it really has some nice story lines this year. From the biggest lady/person in BL history, to Abby who lost her two children and husband in a car accident. Daniel coming back for a second chance from last year and the firefighter who couldn't go back to help Tracey who was struggling after the 1 mile walk/run to start the show because he, himself was also struggling.

The losses are outrageous and usually bring WW member to want more from their "real life" weigh-ins, but I use it for what it's worth...a good reminder of why I chose to eat right and exercise and sometimes it provides helpful hints and motivation to keep on keeping on.

There are Heroes in this room!!! and they are all the awesome men and women who continue to motivate me to continue on with a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to all the heroes here, you know who you are ;)


*fitcetera* said...

Wasn't that a great show last night?
I swore I wasn't going to watch because it really bothers me when something like a 13 lb weight loss is disappointing to people.
but ...
you're right ... it's inspiring in the right context.

You are a hero!
Look at what you've done and are continuing to do!

moonduster said...

We're a season or two behind over here (UK) but when it's on, I tend to watch while I workout.