Monday, September 21, 2009

What are You Looking At?

Are you paranoid when it comes to people looking at you? Often when I was obese/overweight I thought people were always looking at me. Perfect strangers! Now that I have lost weight, I could care less if people look at me. Even though I'm a few pounds over my goal right now, I know I'm looking fine.

I used to look more at people who were overweight, but now if I do look at them I find myself feeling sorry for them or wondering if they know what they're doing to themselves. Now, I find myself looking more towards "normal" weight people. I compare myself to them and wonder if I could maintain a lower weight. The answer is probably no since I'm having a tough time right now with my high goal.

Friday, I received an email from my colleague at WW stating she wanted to quit WW because she doesn't like the way the members are "looking" at her. Would you mind if people were looking at you? Does it motivate you or get you deeper in a hole if you know people are looking at you? I'm doing this for myself and if I can be a good example or inspiration in a meeting, I'm glad to do so. My colleague has gained several pounds since last year at this time and she feels that she is not doing well enough for herself to justify helping members lose weight. Believe me, we are all human and definitely have ups and downs in weight, stress, life in general.

Don't worry about how others are viewing you, just take the right steps for yourself.

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Oh Sew Good said...

I'm thinking it's more how we perceive the thoughts of others. Who is to say they might be zoning and not really looking at us at all. :)