Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Losing 150 Pounds in One Week

The Biggest Loser once again focused on the numbers last night. The contestants had to lose a combined total of 150 pounds or else two contestants were to be voted out. How in the world do 15 people lose 150 pounds in one week?? Won't tell you if they did it or not as some people like to watch it at later times.

Trying to lose weight as part of a team helped the contestants push each other. Instead of focusing so much on their own journey, they also had to help the weakest players. Their reward challenge was a balancing act and if anyone fell, the challenge was lost. I thought there would be no way the biggest members could balance on a 6-inch beam for a good 30 feet.

Often we think of others first, but actually in the weight loss spectrum, taking time for yourself is the only way you'll lose weight. I try to give my all during exercise and yesterday ended up exercising more than ever. Did the P90X Plyometrics and rode the elliptical for an hour while watching the BL. I was definitely taking time for myself as I pretty much said hello, goodbye, and goodnight to my wife without much other conversation, but I wanted to watch the BL and hadn't woken up early, early to exercise so I wasn't too tired.

I'm definitely looking forward to next week as it will be my 4th week with P90X and I'll be wondering into new workouts. I do enjoy them and it has definitely been a great workout so far, results?? Well, I'm moving a lot more than normal.

On another note, my youngest sister started college this semester and it seems my Dad has already replaced her...a parakeet!! No more "empty nest."


Ron said...

LOL love the comment about your Dad replacing your younger sister

Kathy said...

Being replaced by a parakeet! I guess it runs in the family.