Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Pants

Last week I broke down and bought a new pair of Khakis. Why? It was not because I outgrew the old ones. Instead, my comfy old Khakis started looking pretty shabby and got a hole worn in the rear pockets. I have not bought a new pair of pants in my size for over 2 years. It felt good buying a new pair of pants not because I needed a different size, but because the old ones were wearing out.

Everything is great around here. Now that the little one is mobile, it's difficult to get time on the computer except during naptime, which it happens to be now. I'm into my second week attempting the P90X program. This week has gone much better than last week and I can definitely feel a difference in the amount of reps I am able to do. The Ab Ripper X DVD is still too hard for me, but I have attempted all the exercises and have started to get a few of each exercise completed.

The only downfall of waking up early has been that for some reason, my 3 year old wonders down usually right after I finish. Seeing that I'm finishing the exercises at 5:50am, that's a little too early for Alex to be awake for the day.


*fitcetera* said...

Isn't it nice to buy new pants just because the old ones wore out and not because they're too tight.
Nice. Very nice.

Miz said...

ahhh I so hear you on the three year old being up so early as well.

makes for one CRABBY 3 year old around 3p here.