Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've been losing very little to no weight even though I have been diligently tracking on my new iPod/iTouch daily. Finally, last night I noticed that I am tracking with my "maintaining" points in mind. I could have sworn that I had changed my points target, but I guess I haven't. Taking into consideration not having the right points target, a 3 pound loss since this time last month isn't too bad. Now, I'll be trying to stay within my "losing" points target, 31 points. It's plenty of points for me and I can easily stay within that range, but looking at the amount I have been eating the last month it's a wonder I wasn't gaining!

Maintaining weight is a whole different story, I get 4 more points daily. 4x7=28 That's a lot of extra points/calories/etc that I've been packing in. I've hoping this new revelation will finally kick start a bit of a losing streak.

No idea what happen last week. I've been around, but the nap times have been strange so I haven't been consistent in getting here. Looking forward to a good week ahead. My wife has off school Thursday and Friday and the kids are still in school so that could be a bit of a challenge. I'm giving blood in the morning Thursday, followed by a WW conference call to get the scoop on changes in the program come December.

I've decided my evening snacking this week will only consist of fruits or veggies. I've been doing the 94% ff popcorn, but have started adding other things to the bowl including crackers, pretzels, chips, etc. so who am I kidding? And if I'm out of veggies there's no reason for me not to run to the store to pick some up. Tonight, I had to run out to get a pair of shoes for the 3 yr old...seems we left his only pair at Grandma's.


Ron said...

Sounds like you have been busy, have a great week!

Miz said...

have a great week, TB!

Kathy said...

I used to do that with my popcorn! I had those little 100 calorie packs of chex mix that I would add to my popcorn. It tasted great but it sure piled on the points. I've been having those little grape tomatoes as a snack. Love them. And apples are high on the list right now.

Oh Sew Good said...

Are you noticing more people beginning to sign up with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching?

TB--Milwaukee said...

Ron~Always interesting with kids around, busy may not be the word, just occupied.

Mizfit~Having a great week so far.

Kathy~I'm trying. As long as I have some snack in the evening I'll be fine and I know it's just a habit I've had for a long time.

Oh Sew Good~Numbers at the meetings go WAY down between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's the New Year when everyone wants to start anew.