Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Sickness

I'm starting to feel better, but will be staying away from work yet as I don't want to risk infecting anyone. This flu bug really messing with your breathing, so I would hate to get anyone else sick.

Yesterday, my 3 yr old went to preschool and when I picked him up, he plopped himself into his carseat, fell asleep and did not wake up again fully till this morning. His temperature was close to 103 as well. 1 yr old has it too and he even got both flu shots, seasonal and H1N1. We all took a 4 hr nap yesterday and plan to do the same today.

For some reason when I am sick, I don't want to eat anything except peanut butter sandwiches. Gone through a loaf a bread and lots of pb. I'm trying to drink some juices too, since I know I'm not eating anywhere close to my daily point total.

Back to the couch, for a nap.


Anonymous said...
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Miz said...

I laugh that the moment my husband gets sick he demands mcdonalds.

good thing he isnt too too sickly :)


Oh Sew Good said...

Whole grain bread and peanut butter sandwiches, yes? I hope your little ones feel better soon.

noelle said...

I'm sorry to hear you are all so sick. At least the kids are sick with you so no one is objecting to those 4 hour naps. Feel better soon!!!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Mizfit~I really had a hankering for a McDonald's shake this week. Never got it...yet ;)

Oh Sew Good~Day #5 for the 3 yr old with a fever. Not so healthy yet.

Noelle~Those naps are awesome!!

camilynn said...
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