Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not Feeling Well

Sunday morning, my 8 yr old woke up with a fever of over 100. She lounged around most of the day and made sure not to touch anyone or even play with anyone. By later afternoon, I was feeling cold and shivery. Sure enough, fever for me too. 102.6 was the highest at 1:00 in the morning. Monday, we both rested and my wife stayed home too to take care of the boys and keep them away from us. I'm still sporting a fever today, but the 8 yr old hasn't been above 98.6 since early yesterday, so she went back to school. She was extremely bored yesterday, but needed the rest too.

So far, it's just the two of us lucky enough to be down.

I didn't move fast enough with the blasted cookie jar. My wife got dark chocolate M&M's from St. Nick. Where are they now? You guessed it. In the cookie jar!

The bright side of being sick is that I have no desire to eat at all. Not feeling up to exercise either, so I'm just lying low this week.


Ron said...

Hope you all get healthy soon and stay that way.... Hopefully M&MS will be gone before you get hungry again :)

Anonymous said...

just to put in perspective, the size of this 'cookie jar' the bag of m & M's just about filled it up..

i will take it to work in the AM.. otherwise Caryn is going to eat them all! They are mine!!! TW:)

Oh Sew Good said...

I hope you feel better and that no one else in your family ends up sick.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Ron~Luckily, the M&M's are dark chocolate and I'm much more a milk chocolate fan.

Wife~Still waiting for the cookie jar to disappear.

Oh Sew Good~Not so lucky :(