Monday, January 4, 2010

iPod iLove!!

I've had my iPod touch since mid-October and have used it to surf the web, Twitter, Facebook, organize my calendar, make lists, play games, etc., but only this past weekend have I used it for it's real intended use: listening to music.

I have listened to podcasts before on my iPod, before this weekend was the first time I listened to music on it. I received an iTunes gift card for Christmas and decided to use it. I love the fact that I can purchase favorite songs rather than an entire album. I have so many CD's that I have purchased just because I like one song or two, if I'm lucky. I loaded a bunch onto my iPod this weekend and plan to add more soon. I'm now done to those CD's that I want only one or two songs off so it will start taking longer.

I used the iPod and exercised Saturday and Sunday on the elliptical and instead of dreading the entire workout, I actually stayed on the darn thing extra long just to see what the next song to play was going to be.

Can't wait to hop on again this evening after work to hear what's next to play on my iPod.

If you're interested, I purchased some Beach Boys and Ella Fitzgerald Christmas tunes from iTunes to go along with the Owl City Album: Ocean Eyes, Black Eyed Peas: I Got a Feeling and Micheal Buble: Just Haven't Met You Yet.


noelle said...

That's funny! My 2 oldest kids got an iPod touch for Christmas, and music is not their top priority either. Facebook and Texting are the BEST they say!

Anonymous said...

Was just catching up on your blog. Loved your video of "Jingle Bells". You sure have a wonderful family and they have a great Dad!

Happy New Year!


Oh Sew Good said...

I have enough points saved to get an iPod. I noticed there's a workout by Lance Armstrong on an iTunes card at Best Buy. I think that's the first thing I'm going to put on mine.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Noelle~Had no idea how fun an iPod could be. Why did I wait so long before getting one?

MIL/FIL~Happy New Year!

Oh Sew Good~I haven't found anything I don't like about my iPod yet. It's a mini computer with limitless possibilities.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

I feel like I'm missing out on all the iPod, iPhone fun...

Nice choice with Ella Fitzgerald!