Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coffee Creamer

I was never a coffee drinker before starting Weight Watchers, but once I found out coffee was a 0 point beverage that had flavor, I grew to like it. I have discovered myself making a lot more as of late. Why? No reason, just because it's something to drink and I like the taste.

I will be trying to cut down on my coffee consumption, 1-2 cups daily. If I feel the need to drink something, I'll be reaching for the water cup.

It's not so much the coffee that worries me, it's the added calries from the creamer. I'm not one to drink black coffee. I dump enough creamer to turn it white.

Today, I drank one cup and reached for the water afterwards. It's a good thing I have two water cups as my 1 yr old also needs his own cup with a splash of water because if I put anymore in the cup, it makes it's way all over the floor.

Now if I can stay away from the candybars we're selling.


Kathy said...

It's always something, isn't it? That's why it is so hard.

Anonymous said...
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Miz said...

I love my morning coffee.
I pretend to myself if I had it more than just one cup in the morning my love would diminish.
I TRY anyway ;)

Ron said...

I am fortunate that I have always like my coffee without cream or sugar.

spunkysuzi said...

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, usually it's tea. But i have found myself a "treat".
I made a coffee then add 2 tbsp of light egg nog in it that i froze in ice cube tray.
Delicious and not many calories.

Anonymous said...

That reminded me of a former co-worker I worked with. We were doing WW at work, and she just was not losing any weight.

I asked her to show me her food log and I noticed she never put in anything she drank - she assumed it had 0 calories!

Turns out she was drinking two 20 ounce coffees a day, with about 10 creamers and 4 packets of sugar EACH!

Amazing how the liquid calories add up!

Now I need to fill up my water cup - thanks for the reminder!

Stephanie said...

Caffeine also shoots up your cortisol, which in turn shoots up your blood sugar. In order to lose weight you need to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible.
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Anonymous said...

Try Cool Whip in your's yummy...that's the way we drink it!


Karyn said...

I love coffee too and find myself drinking way too much in a day!

And staying away from those candy bars sure is tough, isn't it?

TB--Milwaukee said...

Kathy~This maintenance thing is SO tough.

Mizfit~Not sure way I grab more than a cup or two, it's just become habit now, time for a new habit.

Ron~I'm trying not to add a gallon of creamer to each cup now.

Spunksuzi~I like tea too, but usually forget about it. I need to keep it out in site so I can use it as an option.

Biz319~I have been accounting for the coffee points, but I do think it's been affecting my eating too. I'm hungrier later in the day now.

Stephanie~Working on it. I used to drink so much water and now it's so little water.

MIL~Trying to cut down on the calories, not add more ;)

Karyn~The candy bars haven't tempted me yet.

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Oh Sew Good said...

I put Vanilla or Chocolate Soymilk in my coffee. However, I only put in one scoop of regular and all the other scoops are decaf.

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