Friday, April 16, 2010

What Doesn't Get Written Down

I have done a good job of tracking this week. I have tracked even the stuff I'd rather not track, but still have counted the points. My week ends on Wednesdays, it just happened to be when I always weighed in while losing. A few things never get written down, like "Why I am eating!" Yesterday, was a stupid eating night. I had done awesome all day and had 3 points left for an evening snack. Unfortunately, that 3 point snack turned into another 3 point snack and another 3 point snack and probably one more 3 point snack just for good measure.

I am one of those people who eat so well when others are around, but once everyone is in bed, I eat! Crazy!! Not sure why I did it, just did it. It's the old, if no one's around, they won't know I'm eating. But they will, they'll see it later around my waist!

I am proud that I continued to track, but what the heck was up with the late night binge. I blame it on my wife! Why not, she's out of town.

I've been watching the new season of "Ruby" lately. This past Sunday's episode dealt with Ruby eating only when her boyfriend/roommate Denny wasn't around. She felt like he made her feel guilty when she ate, so she only ate when he was gone and then she ate as much as she could and whatever she could find, mostly fatty, calorie laiden foods. Like me, she was "good" in front of people, but packed it in when alone.

Oh well, I know I always have things to work on and those darn Brewer jerseys were looking mighty nice in the store this morning when I took the kiddo to Sam's Club for some necessities.


Kathy said...

The great thing about tracking is that patterns do show up and then can be dealt with. I have always eaten when I am tense and frequently that is when I am alone. I remember doing it when I was babysitting as a teenager and when my husband works overtime on the night shift. I think I have to deal with that uneasy feeling and food is my drug of choice!

Seth said...

I'd blame it on my wife too. :)

Oh Sew Good said...

You're not alone when it comes to eating "good" in front of others. Sometimes it's just more peaceful that way. :)

Anonymous said...

HA, blame the wife?!! GRRR. LOL I think we all put a good show on in front of others, but when no one is watching...?!! Hmmmm. You're right -- they do see it, on your waist later on. My kitchen backsplash is mirrors -- not my choice or very practical but it's awesome for a reminder of what size I am and WHAT AM I DOING???!!! And if I view myself in the corner where the two mirrors meet, I can see myself very slim -- inspiring! :) D

Frank Dobner said...

Well, whether you eat alone or in front of others does not matter. As long as you are recording everything and you are managing your calories counts under a healthy target number, you will be fine.