Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am Allergic to the Gym...

This past weekend, we travelled to the winter wonderland of Minnesota. We celebrated my nephew's baptism along with the first snow of the season. 10 inches was a bit much!

Monday, the 4 yr old was again home from school with another ear infection and pink eye. We went to parent/teacher/ student conferences in the evening and my 6 yr old got sick. She complained of a tummy ache all Monday and made it to the bathroom, but missed the toilet. Being the clean freak she is, she cleaned it up herself before coming out of the bathroom. So, yesterday was another "sick" day.

Today, I made it back to the gym. I'm battling some kind of respirtory stuff and having trouble taking really deep breaths. I made it on the spin bike for 30 minutes followed by Bootcamp. It was tough! Four days away made it's impact. I had exercised on my elliptical the last two days, but it's still not the gym.

So, being away for the four days helped my face clear up. Ivebeen looking like a squeaky voiced pimply teenager. I do declare, I'm allergic to the gym! Well, probably not the gym...but definitely the soap. Today I brought the baby shampoo. Hopefully, I'll have the babyface instead of the splotchy red face.

Hoping everyone stays healthy, cause I was definitely getting a bit tired of just sitting around the house.


spunkysuzi said...

Hope the kids are feeling better soon!
You went to the gym even though you weren't feeling 100%=Awesome!!

Ron said...

Hoping every gets to feeling better quickly so you can hit that gym.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Hope you're all better soon! NO fun. And I know all about breaking out w/ different products - I get very reluctant to even try new things. EEK! Hope it all clears up soon.
PS Snow sounds good to me now - but 10"??? Whoa.

Kate said...

Feel better soon TB! I'm glad to see your pushing through and making it to the gym even when you aren't feeling so great!