Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's in the 60's!

What awesome weather we are having this week. We've been playing outside as long as our sun shines. You ever created "standard" time didn't have children and however decided to switch the times didn't have children either. We need daylight more in the evening so we can run a little steam off, plus that time change makes Sunday the LONGEST day of the year. The kiddos woke up by 5:30 and my 4 yr old fell asleep in church at 10:30 and my oldest had a headache and slept most of the day.

I'm really digging the gym. Why I never used one is beyond me! I'm enjoying the variety and love being able to drop Big Ben off to play. The clubhouse ladies love his communication skills. He doesn't talk much, but totally gets his point across.

One of the gym regulars, conned me into joining in on a Bootcamp group last week. He needed a partner and told me I could handle it. It was tough! Eight different circuits switching every 45 seconds. Three sets of each made for a tough workout. Throw in the killer sprints in the middle and I was hurting.

Foodwise, been fine. I just can't get into tracking with my new WW points. I'll explain more when the new program rolls out in a few weeks and I can really chat about it, but I'm not digging it!

I'll be joining Bootcamp once again this week to give it one more try.


kborn said...

i'm feeling the 5am groove---and it makes every day the longest ever! we'vw done laundry, zoo, blogging, dishes and some yard work.......and its only 4!!!!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Sounds like the old TB is back!!

Ron said...

Sounds like Bootcamp is a great workout!

Oh Sew Good said...

Yes, that does sound like an awesome workout. As for the points...you have me curious.

Anonymous said...

Great to "hear" from you again! So you've been slaving away at bootcamp! You're gonna be in great shape for spring/summer, eh?! Great for you! And "big Ben" - he's growing up, eh?!