Friday, June 17, 2011

Cleaning Out the Closet

Seems we've kind of split duties when it comes to cleaning out closets.  I've come to clean the boys closets/dressers out while my wife usually tackles the girls.  We don't receive many hand-me-downs for the girls, only occasionally when we're in the right place at the right time.  The boys have received tons from one of my sister's friends and tons from a "bigger" boy in my 5 year olds class.  Alex hasn't grown much at all this school year, while the other little boy grew over 4 inches this year.  Needless to say, both my boys are wearing the same size right now making it easy to get rid of the smaller sizes, but keeping track of who's clothes are whose doesn't matter to me.  The boys let me know when I put some clothes in the wrong place.

The reason I started this process today was because I had just bought some red shorts for Alex and could not for the life of me find them.  Wouldn't have been a huge deal, but of course he HAD to wear them today! Nowhere in his closet, nowhere in Benjamin's closet, nowhere on the floor in their room...knew they had to be somewhere. So, in the middle of checking their room, I meandered into my own room and there they were tucked under my bed. I must have dropped them on the floor while folding laundry and didn't discover them yet. 

Cleaning out my own closet has been a welcome occurrence the last few years.  I have not had to clean it out to get rid of clothes that are too small for me.  Instead, I've been gradually "thinning" out the clothes that have become way too big far me.  I wear mostly size large now and still have a fair number of double extra larges hanging around just because I like them too much to part with them.  I think I'm down to only two or three left and those are jerseys which I hate to give up and replace...who wants to wear a Packer Favre jersey anymore anyway?

So, the closets have been thinned out and we are ready for some summerlike weather now. I did get up early this morning and headed out for a long bike ride.  Definitely sets my day up for a much more successful day when I start it with exercise.


❀❀❀ Dawn ❀❀❀ said...

OH I hate sorting through clothes but I LOVE getting rid of them! :) Except when they're some of my favs and they are too big for me now - sort of sad. But I always know that there are a lot of new ones that I'll fall in love with. Just saw a nice pair of jeans tonight @ Costco - I pondered if I should buy a pair and what size if I did...if I buy what fits now, then there's no incentive to lose; if I buy a size smaller - it seems like I will wait and keep working. They'll just sit in my closet right now anyway...
Do guys have those sorts of inner conversations??

TB--Milwaukee said...

Guys just wear clothes that fit. I still don't get the whole fat clothes/skinny clothes thing. I just have clothes. :)