Monday, June 20, 2011

Non-Food Rewards

As the "baby" is learning how to go on the big boy potty, we've been once again looking for those non-food rewards for staying dry.  His favorite reward so far has been gum.  Really that's the only one he's been looking forward to.  And when he has to spit the gum out for wetting his pants, he has not been happy. 

The other kiddos have been trying to "earn" money to spend in Disney World next month.  This has been an easy reward to work towards.  They're cleaning up after themselves, clearing the table after we eat, brushing their teeth without asking, getting along with each other, etc. to get extra spending money.

Trying to get them all the gym has been a challenge as well.  We've been doing the rewarding with a trip to the park and today our reward was a trip to the library.  What next? Always up for suggestions, but I'll be sticking with the park reward as long as they're happy with that one.

I always struggle with non-food rewards. Even when I was actively losing 80 pounds, I always found it difficult to walk without thinking about what I could eat as a reward after my walk.  I've still found myself on occasion saying to myself that I can't wait to get done exercising so I can eat such and such.  I'm sure it will be a life long struggle to get past, but one I will continue to fight.

Counting calories has been going well, and I've been imposing a "no-in-between-meal-snacking" rule since last Wednesday.  Last night, was the first time I had a snack in the evening and I really didn't need it.  I know it's just a habit that once I break I will be happy I did so.


MizFit said...

you are doing everything RIGHT!

just keep doing it.


❀❀❀ Dawn ❀❀❀ said...

You're right, I'm more conscious of it too. For myself I've found doing my nails or buying a nice smelling conditioner works as a non-food award, but I still get stumped. I really don't want to buy clothes until I'm closer to my goal -- and what else?? Books can get expensive. I think time doing this or that is a good one.