Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pleasantly Sore

Have you ever felt soreness after exercising? I've been working out at the gym at least five days a week for well over six months now. Who would have thought that my hamstrings, triceps and abs could be more sore today than the day I started exercising regularly.

Some days I feel like an "old" man. This would be one of them. It hurts to stand up, hurts to sit down, hurts to hurt. But it's a pleasant soreness. Definitely a soreness that leaves me with a feeling the I accomplished something today.

My little Benjamin loves speaking with gestures. One which is a favorite is when he holds two fingers pinched closely way close to his eyes. This is his way of saying tiny. I like poking at his tummy and saying Big Belly. He responds with his tiny gesture and then points at my belly and gestures his hands as far apart as he can and saying in a deep voice "BIG!"

Nothing like being put in your place by a 3 yr old, who I can't keep up with because I'm pleasantly sore.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this post!! haha I remember one of my kids being so excited because they said "I can put my arms right around you, Mom!" My son once said, when I was walking down the stairs, "Mommy, you are SOOO beautiful!" LOVE those comments (most times). Enjoy!