Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Days of the Week

My 5 yr. old, Alex, loves figuring out the days of the week.  Each morning he asks what day it is today. Then he proceeds to tell me what yesterday was and what day tomorrow will be.  Then he sings this cute weather song that ends with naming all the days of the week.  Quite the production, but it's the routine he liked in school and I'm sure by the end of the summer, he won't be doing it anymore.

Do you ever just go through the motions? Another day, another dollar? Or do you take the bull by the horns and seize the day?  I go in spurts; sometimes I am so focused and know exactly what I want to accomplish and other times, I'm just existing.  I have really been focused since joining my gym and having a set workout routine.  I love cardio and could do it two hours everyday, but I also know the importance of strength training and I know the days when I need the strength training.

I look forward to our little morning routine and can't wait till the weather will be sunny and hot once again.  The kiddos have had a good time at the gym, but still put up a fuss before we leave daily.  Once they get there, they have a blast.  Today, was "Shark & Minnow" with the older kids and I actually saw my 9 yr. old smile.  She had a good time walking through the group exercise room and seeing me sweat too.  I have decided to try to get to the gym a little earlier a few times a week, but I do enjoy my groups and the leaders too, so I'd hate to have to learn new routines.


MizFit said...

I always love the alex stories as it's the same thing around here.

"Is today sunday?!"




Claire said...

You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks