Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turn the Lights On

It has been completely crummy weather around these parts all week. I just don't feel motivated to do much of anything. When it's so dark and gloomy that I need the lights on in every room, something is wrong. These are supposed to be the longest daylight days of the year, but it really feels like December with the darkness, and October with the temperatures.

Today, I woke up early to head out for a bike ride and when I came outside it was shockingly...RAINING!!! So I headed to the gym for an early morning spin class. Never attende a class that early, but it was a good group. I shall return, but I really like my 9:00 teacher too.

Will try to get an outdoor something in tomorrow as I'm dropping the car off to get checked out before our long trip to Disney World in two weeks.

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❀❀❀ Dawn ❀❀❀ said...

Our weather hasn't been the greatest this week (last week was gorgeous!) but it hasn't been that dark, thankfully. I couldn't handle winter darkness right now. EEK! My workouts have been messed up due to the weather too though - I need to make a plan for inclement weather - and stick to it. Got my papers delivered this afternoon between storms.