Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Park

We have been off school since last Thursday for summer vacation.  Since that time, we have gone to four different parks and played for at least a half hour at each of them.  Today, my oldest daughter wants to go to the park once again.  It's an ugly day outside and rather chilly too, so we're having an indoor day this afternoon.  Probably, a good idea since a few of the kids have been in foul moods today.

So what do "we" do at the park? Well, I start out sitting on a bench, but that lasts all of 10 seconds.  "Daddy, can you help me?" "Daddy, I need a hand!" "Daddy, can you swing with me?"...get the idea?  I am amazed by the number of people that are usually at the park.  It's well used! But I am also amazed at how the adults are always just sitting and watching.  Not much interaction and the adults could stand to have a little activity in their lives!

We'll be back at another park tomorrow. It's been a good way to get my kids to come to the gym with me.  I tell them that we'll play in the park after we hit the gym. Of course, then they all have to "hit" the gym door when we arrive.  Such a site, Daddy followed by 4 little ducklings.

Today, was the end of a 7-week "Fit Club" session at the gym.  It's a tough, boot camp type group with lots of circuit training, which I hate doing on my own, but if someone else plans it, I am more than willing to partake.  The next session doesn't start for another few weeks and as long as the kids are still OK with me hitting the gym before the park, I'll be doing the next summer session.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you for making wonderful memories of times at the park with the kiddos! We usually went for an after-dinner walk to the park and our kids still talk about it now. Didn't realize how much they'd remember those walks! You're right about people sitting at the parks - I take my friends kids and also am tempted to sit "for a bit" but my pedometer keeps me moving (and wanting to have fun with them!) I wonder how many steps the typical kid would get in a day? That would be interesting to find out. They're ALWAYS moving!!