Monday, June 27, 2011

Letting the Scale Dictate Your Mood

I never now what to think when members at Weight Watchers through the normal greeting my way:

Me: "How are you today?"
Member: "I'll let you know in a minute!"

Of course, they all say it with a bit of humor in mind, but really do they?
I had my monthly weigh in on Saturday, the last Saturday of the month.  It was not good! Since it was not good, I did let it get me down food wise the entire day.  I didn't track, I ate way too many snacks and I just plain was mad at the scale!  I went to the gym and worked my tail off for an hour, but proceeded to the grocery store to buy food for dinner and a few extra "I deserve them for exercising" snacks. Nothing horrible, two energy bars and a diet root beer, but after the few snacks I had before hitting the gym, I was not in need of more calories, just a better mood.

I usually am fine about the scale since I know that my weight fluctuates a bunch through out the week, but that ONE official weigh in every month seems to get me worked up.  Not sure if it will ever change, maybe if I ever see positive movement in the right direction. 

Happy Monday, raining here again...

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Anonymous said...

Our members say that too! When I was leader I always responded with "yes, you DO know how you are today!" And then we got into a discussion about it. They always appreciated the chat. But I do know also that what the scale says CAN ruin my outlook on the day - especially if it's undeserved. I was up today, but I've come to the place that I expect a Monday up, mainly because I eat differently on Sundays and often can't get my water in (and our schedule on Sundays often gets me out of my bathroom schedule too TMI, sorry!)...but if I stay on track, Tuesdays are usually really good!