Sunday, July 24, 2011

National Weight Control Registry

It's that time of the year again when I receive my annual survey from the NWCR. It's a humbling experience if you've gained weight in the past year as I have.  I've gained 8 pounds since last July, putting me in a category of "gainers" instead of "maintainers" that I would prefer to be in. I'm not bummed about it though since I've really concentrated on exercise, fitness and weight training this year. My clothes still fit fine, my wedding ring is still loose most days depending on the humidity and I'm overall feeling great.  But, when you are asked to answer tough personal questions, it gets you thinking about motivation, why you eat, when you eat, and if you're happy.  It's a long survey and I know several people you have just stuck the survey on a pile if they've gained, but I know it's important to the overall project. 

Our trip to Disney World was a blast. Awesome weather, comfortable temperatures for the most part and the kiddos got along, which is always a plus.  I'll try to post a few pics on the family blog, but our computer is still sick as "Santa" somehow didn't leave the start-up disks for our computer, making matters a bit more difficult to fix. 

I do love going to Disney World and besides the amount of steps I can get in daily, the amount of food I eat seems to be less than I eat at home. 2 meals a day, 2 snacks a day...if I want more, I have to pay extra and as a cheap Milwaukeean, that ain't happening! I eat yogurt for breakfast followed by sensible lunches and dinners.  My kids love walking the steps in the hotel.  This year, we stayed again at the Pop Century and were in the Yo-yo buildings. All the kids wanted to walk up eat yo-yo; red, blue, and green yo-yo's that were each four stories high. We stayed in the green yo-yo building on the fourth floor, so there was plenty of step walking to be had.  My boys would have preferred to stayed at the hotel and climb stairs all day rather than head to the parks. 

My goal of getting more steps was met.  The first day in Disney I hit 29,600 steps. My low this year was 18,000, but for the most part, I had 20,000 steps daily.  By the end of the week, I was pretty tired.

Hoping for a good week, but today we have a sick 7 yr old; fever and throwing up doesn't make for a fun Sunday.

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