Monday, January 30, 2012

Things Happen for a Reason

The territory manager for the new store that our Weight Watchers location is moving into, met with the staff of the Saturday meetings.  All three of us receptionists are over our Weight Watcher goal.  I am the closer being 7 pounds above my goal.  She told us what we already knew, sorry but because you are over your goal, you will not be able to work meetings in the new store.  I'm fine with it.  I haven't been tracking regularly for a LONG time and frankly, I don't feel comfortable giving advice to members when I know I'm not following the program.

So, Saturday instead of attending WW inservices, I surfed the web looking for part-time jobs.  Would love to find one that worked with the kids school schedule, allowing me to work only during the school day and on Saturdays. I had heard that the Activity Director from a nursing home I used to work at had been let go, so I even sent my resume their way.  We'll see what comes of it, but I think my time with Weight Watchers has run it's course.

We did make it to Applebee's on Friday night.  The kids were on cloud nine...they sang Happy Birthday to both me and my wife and we got the sundae to share as a family.

My 3 yr old had a wicked bug this weekend.  I'm keeping him home today as I would hate for the teacher to deal with the mess we dealt with this weekend.  Skipping the gym, maybe a good day to clean out the exercise room and actually use it.

Hoping for a healthy week.


Denny said...

I hope you get the job that works best with your schedule. As for the WW's, maybe it was time for a break.

noelle said...

Such a bummer that you are done working for WW. I've thought about working there again lately. I just changed my goal to a lower number since I've been 6-7 pounds under my goal for over a month now. It's a good problem to have. :)