Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Looking Out For You

I wish I had someone email me to verify that I really ate something questionable. Friday, our credit card company emailed us and tried to call us to verify a $1.00 charge to our account. It was from an online music site that they have being tracking. Of course, I could not verify it, since my wife opened the account it had to be her. We never heard of the place, they closed our account and overnighted us new cards with a new account number.

It would awesome if when you tracked what you were eating, someone would be watching out for you. Weight Watchers is getting much closer with their barcode scanner. Now, I just need updated technology to get it to work.

I can see today is going to be a tough day. My oldest made cookies last night and was going to take them to school. She tried one and decided not to bring them. Something about them sugar cookie mix had an expiration date of May 2010. I tried them, actually tried three. I'll be putting them in the truck when I get back to the car.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Kathy said...

When something is calling my name, I pack it up and send it to work with my husband. His friends at work will eat anything. And I have been known to put ice cream in the sink and run hot water over it! Can't give it to the dog anymore...he is on a diet too and is doing quite well!