Monday, February 13, 2012

When Things Go Well

It's amazing to me how the weeks fly by. It sure is true about the older you get, the faster time goes. My weekdays fly by and if we have something going on during the weekend, it flies by just as fast.

Friday, I primed and painted our toy room in the basement. I wanted to get this room done first because I had gotten a pegboard from Weight Watchers with six baskets and two flat shelves to putup on the wall for toys. It really did turn out well and I was able to empty more totes, which the kids don't like playing out of. Seems if it's in a tote, it's invisible to them.

We also had a birthday party for my nieces. We probably overstayed our welcome, but everyone was playing so nice, we stayed till bedtime.

Yesterday, the girls primed another basement wall while the boys chopped wood and shoveled. Today, my wife is off and I'm keeping the 3 yr old home again. He's having a horrible time with being sick lately. No one else has got it, but he's making up for it.

I canceled my interview for a full-time job. Just does not feel like the right time yet and the place is undergoing lots of change right now, so probably best to notget involved yet.

Everything is cruising along foodwise and exercise wise, which is contributing to making the time fly. It sure was nice to sleep in Saturday, but I'm sure I'll miss the paycheck soon.

Have a great Monday!

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❀❀ Dawn (Lay Down My Idols) ❀❀ said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy!
Good stuff!