Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Planning Ahead

Wednesday is always a very hectic morning. I always try to go through what I need to get done the night before, but something always seems to come up unexpected. It's garbage day, breakfast for lunch day, which means I need to make four lunches because no one likes the menu, I need a bag for the gym with dress clothes, need my Weight Watcher bag for work, get an idea for dinner, get my bag ready for my nursing home evening job and then it's a battle to wake everyone and get them dressed, brushed, fed and out the door.

Today, the added demension of a fifty cent "dress down" day complicated the dressing situation. That makes it even a bigger battle to get ready in morning, but actually it did go well.

So why is it that I can plan ahead and get everything prepared for our hectic morning, but when it comes to eating, I can't get a handle on planning ahead? My goal for the next two days will be to plan my points. I don't even care if I will be able to track, but as long as I have my points planned out for the day, I should be successful.

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